Sunday, January 23, 2011

Madden 2011 on iPad

"Madden 2011 is all set to be launched for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad of course..."
Though EA sports hasn’t yet announced the prices for various devices but it is being assumed that Madden 2011 for iPad will cost around $12 while the one for iPhone should cost less.

Madden 2011 features a lot more improved attractions when compared to older versions. These features have been designed in a fashion that will attract hardcore gamers as well as novices (though novices will first have to become comfortable with the iPads). Madden 2011 will feature full season mode, stat tracking and full play books. Also, one can use the Artificial Intelligence feature of Madden 2011 thus giving the game a look more or less similar to arcade games.

So I guess NFL lovers are now expecting it the soonest as they've been waiting for their favorite sport to be played on iPad.

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