Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google TV: TV meets the Web

TV has become the most popular entertainment device. As a matter of fact, billion of people watch TV from time to time. Mostly houses has even at least one, we grow up along with TV technology as well. From the CRT type to LCD and now TV goes the LED. It’s interesting how technology gives as advancement. Apparently these days entertainment experience is coming from our computers and phones. That’s for one obvious reason, these mentioned devices have something that the TV doesn’t have. The Web, the internet has been more likely a part of most people lives. However, the web also lacks one great feature that TV offers and that’s high-quality viewing experience.

“Technology doesn’t get stuck on what’s supposed to be “enough”…” Imagine if you could browse the web, videos, music, social sites etc. through your TV in high-resolution.
Google TV, did it get your attention? Probably that g
ave your mind something to think of. Google TV is a promising one, a new television experience having the TV that you already knew and the access through the Internet. It has come with Google Chrome, which offers you access to your favorite websites and move from TV to the web. This thing gives you a few hundred channels to millions of entertainment channels across the web. Thus, with this your TV will no longer be locked up showing just videos.

Google TV utilizes search that offers fast and ease way of navigating from television channels, apps, websites and movies.

And to top it all, you’ll probably love to hear it that Sony and Logitech (two of the biggest names in Technology, and we know what they can do) are part of making the Google TV to be materialize.

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