Thursday, May 6, 2010

Transform your iPhone/iPod Touch into an iPad

Basically, when these awesome gadgets seem endless every year, some of you might not even consider buying a new “techy” gadget such as iPad at all, considering its price. An Innovative company might actually anticipate this as a hidden marketing opportunity. One of it is the Pad Dock product. This Pad Dock casing could transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into an iPad via its docking case in a snap. Just simply dock your iPhone or iPod Touch into the Pad Dock and it will virtually magnify the screen, turning it into an iPad, the best part is it costs much more less than a real iPad. The enchanting part is the touch-screen magnifier. Pad Dock would zoom in you iPhone screen and enlarge it to the exact dimension of an iPad’s screen. Since, most of iPad features also on iPhone, it makes sense that the enlarged screen will do the trick. The battery will last for 22 hours after a full recharge. A significant distinction, on which iPad lack of, is on the capability of iPhone to make and receive calls.This is probably a real good News for iPhone and iPod Touch users, because now you can transform that iPhone of yours into an iPad through the use of this latest technology, the Pad Dock. So now you have your own iPad though it’s just virtually at least you saved some money.

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