Thursday, May 20, 2010

SONY’s Smartphone will challenge the iPhone

"Sony is busy working on a smartphone, that can download and play Playstation games that they're hoping will challenge the iPhone." -Wall Street JournalWell, this is something for those video-game geeks to "chew on". Just these past few months, rumors popped out about the PSP Phone/PSPhone.Recently, Wall Street Journal posted a statement which somehow justified the said rumor. The newspaper also mentioned that the giant Japanese company Sony is working on a new tablet project and both of these products will be linked to Sony Online Service, which will offer movies, music, podcast, Playstation games and more to download. Thus, the games should be older titles released for the original PSOne game console.With Sony’s brand new offerings (PSP Go sales 50% underneath Estimates) being rather next par, it is tough to get vehement about anything entrance down their pipe. That, however, did not stop a Wall St. Journal from articulate about their brand new Sony leaks : Threatened by Apple Inc.’s flourishing fast of unstable devices,Sony Corp. is building a brand new lineup of handheld products, together with an intelligent phone able of downloading and personification PlayStation games, according to people informed with a matter. The Japanese wiring hulk additionally has a plan underneath approach to rise a unstable device which blurs distinctions between a netbook, an e-reader and a PlayStation Portable, or PSP . The device is written to contest oppositemultifunction products such as Apple’s entrance iPad tablet, these people said. "We missed the window for high-end and touchscreen devices big time. Part of the recovery will be much better design and closer work with our partner Sony... In the past there was no tie-up between us, the PSP platform and Sony, but you can expect to hear much more about that." –Bert Nordberg, President of Sony

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